Bone China


The White Gold Collection is the signature line of the fine bone china made by the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory. It is distinctive for its wonderful translucence, a rare quality characteristic of the Imperial Porcelain. In Europe of the 18th century, porcelain was referred to as "white gold". In its early days of manufacture, porcelain was a rare commodity, only found in royal households and the houses of the highest aristocracy. The "white gold" porcelain made by Imperial Porcelain possesses unique qualities: enhanced whiteness, thinness, translcency, fineness of glaze. These qualities are very similar to the very earliest porcelain "egg shell" cups made in ancient China. When tapped these famous cups would melodiously `tinkle`. Despite its seeming fragility Imperial Porcelain fine bone china is surprisingly strong, providing many years of enjoyment. The designs are light in nature, intended to draw attention to the intrinsic beauty of the bone china itself.

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